Volatility as asset class

Performance by risk premiums with a probability of

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Daily analysis of US markets with real time entry and exit strategies for each investment horizon. Interactive trading support during trading hours with personal chat area.

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Learn real and practical strategies of international asset managers. Develop your own trading strategies including order execution. Get low institutional investor's trading fees and commissions rates and get started wih the seminars:

- Start your Professional Trading Career
- Trading platform TradeStation
- Volatility and Option Trader (Workshop)
- Certified Exchange Trader (training program and exchange licence)

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TradeStation Workshop
Create, test and optimize your own trading ideas, strategies and indicators. Our professional trading team will guide you. Convince yourself of the TradeVola strategies and trading approaches: - Dividends & Earnings Strategy - Volatility strategies - Options with high volume - ETFs for commodities and indices - Forex

Certified Exchange Trader

Become a licensed Exchange Trader of 2 of the world's largest stock exchanges (Europe and USA). Get more career opportunities through a licensed exchange examination program. Get access to all events and networks of the respective stock exchange.

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“Minimizing risk is the key to success.”
Development of trading models (stocks & options) and trading set-ups for dividends and earnings (US stocks) is his core competence as business mathematician.

Christian Walter
Christian Walter cwalter@tradevola.com

“Volatility is the engine of any trading strategy.”
More than 20 years of trading and asset management experience in derivatives and equities as Exchange Trader at EUREX and Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Development and implementing of quantitative trading models is his core competence.

Oliver Staudt rolthaus@tradevola.com
About us

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We present current trading setups for equity and option trading . For more information, visit the " More Information" section . For more videos visit our Youtube Channel. 

Einführung in die “Volatilitäts Trading Strategien”

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