The TRADEVOLA STOCK&OPTIONs (free group) and the TRADEVOLA PREMIUM GROUP (€49.99/month) differ significantly from conventional stock market groups. All members receive insights from experienced investors with a high level of expertise. In the interactive live chat, all questions are answered responsibly based on years of experience. Valuable information from the market is shared. In addition, you will gain insights into our unique market scanner, our current positions and sample setups for existing stocks.

Specific setups with entries & exits

As a member, you can implement the information provided on entry and exit at your own discretion and sit back and relax. The analysts follow the development of the stocks around the clock and inform the community about important news.

Outstanding performance

Since the creation of the two investment groups, we have achieved an outstanding performance. The basis for this is the careful and strategic selection of our portfolio stocks. The uniquely high trading volume of our filtered stocks forms the basis for these returns.

Interactive & successful community

Through our community, you expand your network and benefit from the knowledge and experience of others, including some self-made millionaires. These synergy effects not only increase the value of your portfolio, but also make you a better investor in no time at all.


We stand for individual knowledge transfer at eye level. Our content is based on our many years of experience and the needs of our clients.
We work together with our clients in a targeted and reliable manner to develop their skills.

Since 2015, over 850 satisfied clients have placed their trust in us in the areas of support, knowledge transfer and individual coaching.


Many traders present profits that they have never made. With us, however, you get direct insights into our trading account as well as updates on new and existing positions!


As an official partner of TradeStation International Ltd. and Interactive Brokers, we provide full support for all associated trading platforms.

However: You choose your broker, we only give you recommendations! Whether neobrokers like TradeRepublic, banks like ING or professional brokers like Interactive Brokers. The choice is yours!



We have high expectations of ourselves and want to further improve our services and quality. With your feedback, we can pick up on new topics and continuously expand our offering.


Then join our free exchange group now or try our premium group for 30 days free of charge!

Are you personally still missing information?

Then arrange a free initial consultation with us via a video call: Select appointment



In addition to an entry range, you will receive clear exit scenarios with a stoploss and target. We explain the intention and reasons for a possible entry. All open positions are also discussed regularly.



We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our members and we receive positive feedback every day. Here you will find a small excerpt from the experiences of our members.


The articles are for information purposes only. Under no circumstances do the statements made in the articles constitute a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell a security, commodity or other financial instrument. The statements, information, studies, comments, assessments, opinions, representations or other data of the publisher contained in the articles do not constitute individual investment advice and should not be used as the sole basis for investment decisions. Similarly, all statements made here are personal opinions and do not constitute advice within the meaning of the StBerG. Investment decisions should always be made following prior and detailed advice on individual suitability from a professional investment or wealth advisor. Investors are advised to conduct their own research and seek expert advice before making an investment. Any liability claims, in particular for financial losses arising from an investment in shares, are rejected as a matter of principle. All information, data or opinions used here originate from sources that the publisher considered to be reliable, trustworthy and appropriate from his own subjective viewpoint at the time of compilation. The publisher accepts no liability for the completeness, accuracy or quality of the information provided. The publisher accepts no liability for the content of linked third-party websites. In this respect, the publisher has no influence on the content of external third-party websites and distances itself from them if they no longer correspond to their original content at the time the article was completed. Changes to the data on which the articles are based may have an influence on the estimates, forecasts or price developments published therein.

Risk warning

Any investment in securities, cryptocurrencies or other financial instruments is subject to risks that can lead to partial or total loss or even cause further losses. This applies in particular to shares with low market capitalization and cryptocurrencies. Investors should never concentrate their entire capital on just a few financial investments. Furthermore, investments should not be loan-financed.

Conflict of interest

A specific and clear conflict of interest is that the issuer and natural or legal persons associated with the issuer hold positions in the financial instruments discussed and can increase or sell these positions at any time.

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