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Learn how to trade options in simple steps. This is regarded as a supplement to equity trading and as an independent strategy approach.

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Once a week we present an exciting topic of the international trade markets. The focus of our research is always closely related to profitable opportunities in the market. When searching for exciting investment opportunities, we scan both the leading market news and the markets themselves. We always present the topic of our articles paired with an investment simulated on the TradeStation.

3 charts indicating a higher classification of precious metals

3 charts indicating a higher classification of precious metals

As the markets continue to defy the expectations of many bearish traders, one segment that is beginning to attract their attention like no other is precious metals.

As we will discuss below, prices have again reached important trend lines that traders have repeatedly used in recent years to determine the placement of buy and sell orders.

Trump’s Surprise

Trump’s Surprise

Some analysts on Wall Street have hinted that Trump may try to launch a vaccine before the November elections to win a victory over Corona in the eyes of his constituents.

However, this raises questions about the safety and efficacy of the drug among many of Trump’s critics. With the recent rise in Covid 19 cases in the US, day traders are looking for potential winners and more experienced investors are finding it difficult to catch up. Traders appear to be gaining an ever-growing lead over classic investors.

Hedge funds are not yet finished with the purchase of Bilibili Inc.

Hedge funds are not yet finished with the purchase of Bilibili Inc.

Bilibili Inc. (NASDAQ:BILI) has seen an increase in the last few months. BILI was represented in 24 hedge fund portfolios at the end of March.

Our database contained 23 hedge funds with BILI positions at the end of the previous quarter. Our calculations also showed that BILI is not among the 30 most popular stocks among hedge funds.

So why do we pay attention to the mood of hedge funds before we make investment decisions?