Interactive Brokers

Trader Workstation

Learn how to get started with the Trader Workstation in simple steps.

The structure of the seminar allows participation even for beginners who have no experience with the platform. 

Learn how to use the TWS professionally and efficiently. 

Templates & Layout

Use and modify existing layouts to find the optimal entry into the respective asset class.

Charts & Watchlist

Create your own watchlists and configure the chart according to your analysis and indicators. We show you how to find the right values / symbols. 

Alert Function & Order Entry

Link alerts to entry orders, including linked exit orders for each asset class.


We show you how to find and trade the right dividend stocks.

Reports & Statements

Preparation of tax and activity reports: We show you how to read and understand this correctly. 


Over 3 h video training including handout with “step by step” instructions.

Price: 49,- €

TradeStation Support


We will guide you through the introduction of all important tools and features so that you can benefit from the advantages of the platform as quickly as possible.

Desktops & Workspaces

You will receive ready-made workspaces for all different asset classes and time horizons.

Chart analysis

Use the countless functions and possibilities that Chartanalysis offers you (chart trading, alarms, etc.).


Select the best stocks and generate signals from a variety of stocks.

Alert Function & Hot Keys

Fast and efficient action with alerts and entry via hot keys.

Indicators & Strategies

Use over 100 standard indicators and strategies.  Furthermore you will receive additional indicators for screening and chart analysis. Introduction in the programming language EasyLanguage.


Over 3 h video training including handout with “step by step” instructions. Individually adapted workspaces and indicators for your type of system.


Price: 49,- €