TradeStation Support

Users worldwide use the technical advantages of the TradeStation for their analyses. The platform combines all features for an optimal trading setup – from market screening to the optimization of your needle strategies.

We offer you our know-how for TradeStation Securities, as well as TradeStation Global, and are always available as your contact person.

Why TradeStation Global?

  • GLOBAL MARKETS: 120 markets, 31 countries, 23 currencies
  • A UNIVERSAL IB ACCOUNT: Direct access to the world’s major markets and exchanges. Trade stocks, forex, futures and much more.
  • PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARETOOLS: TradeStation’s great portfolio of award-winning trading and analysis software gives you the benefits previously available only to professional traders. TradeStations Analytics and IB’s worldwide coverage of all markets.
  • THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS: Customise the TradeStation platform and its trading tools to your needs.
  • Apply TradeStation’s award-winning technology to your Interactive Brokers account and see your strategies grow in scope and size. Tools such as EasyLanguage® and RadarScreen® are fully configurable so you can trade the way you want – effortlessly, accurately and with confidence.
  • CHART TRADING AND MATRIX offer you the possibility to perform your analyses under the most optimal conditions.
  • Our excellent support is always at your disposal Whether it’s a simple question about your account, a general explanation of the platform or an advanced technical question, we can help you.     Easy access to a constantly growing Customer Resource Centre.