The articles are for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances do the statements made in the Contributions constitute a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any security, commodity or other financial instrument. The statements, information, studies, comments, estimates, opinions, representations or other statements of the publisher contained in the articles do not constitute individual investment advice and should not be used as the sole basis for investment decisions. Likewise, all statements made here are personal views and do not constitute advice within the meaning of the StBerG. Investment decisions should always be made after prior and thorough consultation with respect to individual appropriateness by a professional investment or wealth advisor. Investors are urged to conduct their own research and obtain expert advice before making an investment. Any liability claim, in particular for financial loss resulting from an investment in shares, is generally rejected.
All information, data or opinions used herein are derived from sources that the publisher, based on its own subjective view, has deemed reliable, trustworthy and appropriate at the time of preparation. The publisher does not guarantee the completeness, correctness or quality of the information provided. The publisher assumes no liability with regard to the content of linked third-party websites. In this respect, the publisher has no influence on the content of external third-party websites and distances itself from these should they no longer correspond to their original content at the time of completion of the contribution. Changes in the data on which the articles are based may have an influence on the assessments, forecasts or price developments published therein.

Risk Notice

Any investment in securities, cryptocurrencies or other financial instruments is subject to risks that may lead to partial or total loss or even cause further losses. This applies in particular to shares with low market capitalization and cryptocurrencies. Investors should in no case concentrate their entire capital on a few financial investments. In addition, investments should not be credit-financed.

Conflict of interest

A concrete and clear conflict of interest is that the publisher and natural persons or legal entities associated with the publisher hold positions in the financial instruments discussed and can increase or sell these positions at any time.

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